Introduction to Energy Healing

 Energy is present in virtually EVERYTHING.

Our Energy Healing is a powerful healing modality that has the ability to heal all aspects of your life. It is a comprehensive system of natural healing techniques used in ancient times that uses life forces to treat illness and various other problems.

The world in which we exist is a World of Energy. ENERGY IS NEUTRAL. We can actually say that, “We ARE Energy”. 

Energy is called by different names in different cultures. For example:

Greek “Pneuma”

Polynesian “Mana”

Hebrew “Ruah”

Sanskrit “Prana”

Chinese “Chi”

Japanese “Ki”

Ancient Egypt “Ka”

German “Lebenskraft”

Tibetan “Lung”

Persian “Rooh”

Energy is subtle particles combined with Life force Energy. These Subtle Particles are expelled when the Life Energy is used up - like a discharged battery.  This is the invisible “Bio-Energy” or Subtle Energy that is fundamental to sustaining life.


Yogi Ramacharaka wrote,

Yogis realize that Prana is the direct force used in all cures. Prana is called into operation in several different ways …”

- Extracted from The Science of Psychic Healing, by Yogi Ramacharaka, ©1909, Page 37


Salient features of Energy Treatment modalities:

  • Strictly a supportive modality to allopathic medicine.

  • No physical contact or touch is required for this treatment.

  • No medicine or herbs are prescribed for patient to take orally.

  • Treatments are performed on the Energy Level.

  • Energy is based on the fundamental concepts which are mentioned in various ancient books on energy healing.

  1. Energy Healing is based on the concept that the body has an innate ability to Rapidly Recover from Injuries and Illnesses without Treatment. Your body is a self-protecting, self-healing, self-repairing mechanism. It has an inherent capacity and ability to protect itself from all threats to its health and integrity. It can heal itself from every condition of derangement or illness, and restore health. - Extracted from Vegetarian Times, Feb 1982

  2. Self Treatment employs the use of Dynamic Vital Life Force, to create biochemical changes within an individual’s Energy System. This can facilitate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes within the person. In some cases this is called “Healing”. Most people recognize that in the case of a mild burn, wound or infection, that even without the application of antibiotics or prescription drugs, the physical body has the ability to Repair itself. Even in the case of a severe viral infections where no medicine is available, without treatment, the body recovers in most cases.


"We honor and respect our body’s miraculous ability to heal itself."

- Extracted from The Color of Light: Meditations for All of Us Living with Aids, by Perry Tilleraas, ©1988


“Frequently people do not remember what is obvious… they do not see what is obvious.”

- Extracted from the Notes of Charlotte Anders

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Energy Healing

Our Energy Healing is based on natural laws and divine universal laws that most people are not aware of. There is nothing supernatural or paranormal about it.

No Touch   No Drug   No Travel