Planetary Meditation for Peace

Among all the meditation techniques revealed to public, Planetary Meditation for Peace  a.k.a meditation on twin hearts is one of the most effective and efficient meditations that has recorded many glowing testimonials of personal healing, spiritual uplifting, relationship improvements and positive life transformations.

Being a guided and active short meditation, stands as one of the most powerful methods for achieving peace and illumination.


  • Recharged Body and Improved Health

  • Sense of Peace and Happiness

  • Better Self Esteem

  • Harmonizing Relationships

  • More Good Luck

  • Increased Energetic Sensitivity and Intuitive Ability

  • Prosperity and Abundance

  • Generates Good Karma: It is in giving that we receive.

  • As we bless the world with peace, happiness, joy, prosperity, healing and illumination we are entitled for the same.

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Yogic Breathing
Super Brain Yoga
Meditation on Twin Hearts


People with the following Conditions should not Practice:

1. Infants and young Children
2. Pregnant Women
3. Woman having Menstruation
4. People with Glaucoma
5. People with Severe Liver Problems 
6. People with Severe Heart Problems
7. People with Hypertension
8. People with Severe Kidney Problems
9. Heavy Smokers
10. Heavy Meat Eaters (especially red meat)
11. People consuming Addictive or Hallucinogenic Drugs



This Meditation Practice begins with simple Physical Exercises.

These Exercises are done in order to “Purify & Prepare” the physical body for the downpouring of Divine Energies which are received during the Practice of the Meditation.

Then we Invoke for Divine Guidance, Help and Protection and for Divine Blessings and begin the Meditation.

- Extracted from the Notes of Charlotte Anderson

Exercises are:

1. Rotate your Eyes in circles 12 times clockwise, then 12 times counter- clockwise.

2. Neck Exercises

a. Turn your head to the right, then to the left. This is one count. Do this 12 times.
b. Tilt your head backwards then bend it forward. This is one count. Do this 12 times.

3. Arm Rotations – Extend your arms in front of you, then swing them upward over your shoulders towards the back, and return them to the original position. 
This is one count. Do this 12 times, and then do another 12 counts in the reverse direction.

4. Elbow Exercise – Bend your elbows up and extend your arms forcefully downwards spreading your fingers and allow the Energy to be thrown forcefully out of your hands, your fingers and even your webs between your fingers. Can you feel something coming out?

5. Hand Rotation – Rotate the wrists 12 times to the left and 12 times to the right.

6. Upper Body Twists - Twist your upper body to the left, then to the right. This is one count. Do this Exercise 12 times.

7. Hip Rotations - With your hands on your hips, rotate your hips 12 times to the right, then 12 times to the left.

8. Semi-Squat Exercises - Slightly bend your knees and rhythmically move up and down. Let's do this Exercise 50 times.

9. Bending and Stretching Exercises - Raise your arms over your head, arch your body and tilt your head back-wards. Bend your body forward. Simultaneously bend your knees slightly while extending your arms to touch the floor with your fingers. This is one count. Repeat this 12 times.

10. Knee Exercises - Rotate your knees 12 times clockwise and 12 times counter-clockwise.

11. Feet Exercises

a. Point your toes forward, then backward. This is one count. Do this 12 times with the right foot then 12 times with the left foot.
b. Rotate your right foot 12 times clockwise, then 12 times counter clockwise. 
Do the same for the left foot.

You may do this set of Exercises one to three times before and after your Practice of this Meditation.



*The Physical Exercises have been extracted from the inside Cover of The Planetary Peace Movement Meditation CD ©2001, Produced by Charlotte Anderson and also can be found in The Manual on Pranic Energy Healing Level I, ©2013, by Charlotte Anderson, Page 112

Reference video on exercises




1. Cleansing the Etheric Body through Physical Exercise. Do Physical Exercise for about five minutes to clean and energize your Etheric Body. Light greyish matter or used-up Prana is expelled from the Etheric Body with Exercise. Physical Exercises also minimize possible Energy Congestion since Meditation on Twin Hearts generates a lot of Subtle Energies in the Etheric Body.

2. Invocation for Divine Blessing. You can make your own Invocation. Here is one example the Author usually uses: 

Father, I humbly Invoke Thy divine Blessing! 
For Protection, Guidance, Help and Illumination 
With Thanks and in Full Faith!

Invoking the Blessing of Divine Providence or one's Spiritual Guides is very important. Every serious spiritual aspirant usually has Spiritual Guide(s) whether he is consciously aware of them or not. The Invocation is required for one's Protection, Help and Guidance. Without the Invocation, the Practice of any Advanced Meditational Technique can be dangerous.


3. Activating the Heart Chakra—Blessing the Entire Earth with Loving Kindness. Press your front Heart Chakra with your finger for a few seconds. This is to make concentration on the front Heart Chakra easier. Concentrate on the front Heart Chakra and Bless the Earth with Loving Kindness. When Blessing, you may visualize the Earth as very small in front of you.

The Author usually uses the following Blessing:


Blessing the Earth with Loving Kindness

From the Heart of God
Let the entire Earth be Blessed with Loving Kindness
Let the entire Earth be Blessed with great Joy, Happiness and Divine Peace. Let the entire Earth be Blessed with Understanding, Harmony, Goodwill 
and the Will to do Good. So be it!
From the Heart of God, let the Hearts of all Sentient Beings
be filled with Divine Love and Kindness.
Let the Hearts of all Sentient Beings
Be filled with Great Joy, Happiness and Divine Peace.
Let the Hearts of all Sentient Beings
Be filled with Understanding, Harmony, Goodwill and Will to do Good
With Thanks ... So Be It!

This Blessing should not be done mechanically. You should feel and fully appreciate the implications in each phrase. You may also use Visualization.

4. Activating the Crown Chakra—Blessing the Earth with Loving Kindness. Press the Crown with your finger for several seconds to facilitate concentration on the Crown Chakra and bless the entire Earth with Loving Kindness. When the Crown Chakra is sufficiently opened, some of you will feel something blooming on top of the head and some will also feel certain pressure on the Crown. After the Crown Chakra has been activated, concentrate simultaneously on the Crown and Heart Chakras, and Bless the Earth with Loving Kindness several times. This will align both Chakras, thereby making the blessing much more potent.


5. Achieving Illumination—Meditation on the Light, on the Aum or Amen, and the Interval between the Two Aums or Amens. To achieve Illumination (expansion of consciousness), visualize a point of dazzling white light on top of your head and simultaneously chant mentally the word Aum (Ah — omm —) or Amen (Ah — men —) and concentrate on the intervals (moments of silence) between the two Aums (or Amens), while maintaining the point of light. Do this Meditation for 10 to 15 minutes. When you can fully concentrate simultaneously on the Point of Light and on the intervals between the two Aums, you will experience an “Inner Explosion of Light" Your entire being will be filled with light! You will have your first glimpse of Illumination and first experience of Divine Ecstasy. To experience Buddhic Consciousness or Illumination is to experience and understand what Jesus meant when He said: "If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light* (Luke 11:34). "For behold, the kingdom of heaven is within you" (Luke 17:21).

6. Releasing the excess Energy. After Meditation, it is important that the excess Energy should be released by Blessing the Earth with Light, Loving Kindness, Peace and Prosperity for several minutes until you feel your body is normalized. Otherwise, the Etheric Body will become congested and the Meditator will experience headaches and chest pains. The visible body will deteriorate in the long run because of too much energy. Other Esoteric Schools release the Excess Energy by visualizing the Chakras projecting out the excess Energy and the Chakras becoming smaller and dimmer, but this approach does not utilize the excess Energy into constructive use.


7. Giving Thanks. After Meditation, always Give Thanks to the Divine Providence and to your Spiritual Guides for Divine Blessing.


8. Further Release of Excess Energy and Strengthening the Body through Massage and More Physical Exercise. After Meditating, massage your body and do Physical Exercise for about five minutes to expel more used-up prana from the body and, thus, to further release, clean and strengthen the visible body. This will also facilitate the assimilation of the Spiritual Energies, thereby enhancing the beauty and health of the Practitioner. Massaging and exercising after Meditation also reduce the possibility of Energy Congestion in certain parts of the body which may lead to illness. You can also gradually cure yourself of some ailments by doing exercises after doing The Meditation on Twin Hearts. It is very important to exercise after Meditation; otherwise, the visible physical body will inevitably weaken. Although the Etheric Body will become very bright and strong, the visible physical body will become weak because it will not be able to withstand the leftover energy generated by the Meditation in the long run. You have to experience it yourself to fully appreciate this. Some have the tendency not to do Physical Exercises after Meditation but to continue savoring the blissful state. This tendency should be overcome; otherwise, one's physical health will deteriorate in the long run.

Sometimes when a spiritual aspirant Meditates, he may experience unusual Physical Movements for a limited period of time. This is quite normal since his etheric channels are being cleansed. The instructions may seem quite long but the Meditation is short, simple and very effective! It requires only about 20 minutes excluding the required time for the Physical Exercises.

There are many degrees of Illumination. The art of "Intuiting" or "Direct Synthetic Knowing" requires constant Meditation for a long duration of time. Blessing the Earth with Loving Kindness can be done in groups as a form of World Service. When done in groups for this purpose, first Bless the Earth with Loving Kindness through the Heart Chakra, then the Crown Chakra and, finally, through both Chakras. Release the excess Energy after the end of the Meditation. The other parts of the Meditation are omitted. The Blessing can be directed not only to the entire Earth but also to a specific nation or group of nations. The potency of the Blessing is increased many times when done in a group rather than individually. Another way of Blessing the Earth with Loving Kindness in a group is through daily radio broadcast at an appropriate time with some or most of the listeners participating.

- Extracted and Modified from The Ancient Art and Science of Pranic Healing, ©1992, by Master Choa Kok Sui, Pages 227-239