Before a healing session, please do the following:

1. Please take salt water bath:

Take a regular bath with soap. After bath gently rub the salt on all part of the body. Wait for 3-5 minutes and pray to remove all the negative energy. Wash the body with water to remove salt.

2. Just before the session you may affirm for receptivity to the divine healing energies. Say this at least 3 times: “I am super receptive and super conductive to the divine healing energies and divine blessings.  My body is absorbing the healing energies, deeply, completely and permanently.  I am super grateful for and accept the healing. So be it, so be it, so be it.”

During healing session, please do the following:

1. Do Planetary Meditation for Peace a.k.a. Meditation on Twin Hearts

2. Visualize yourself performing daily task happily and you are healthy.

After healing session, please do the following:

1) Say the above affirmation again.

2) Try to not bathe or shower for the next 24 hours, which is the period of time it takes for the energy body to absorb and assimilate the new energies.  Water can absorb and wash away the healing energies.

3) Continue to do Meditation on Twin Hearts every single day.  Some people even do it once in the morning and again in the evening.  But always do the appropriate set of exercises before and after meditation to avoid energy congestion.

4) For patients who are able, we recommend moderate exercise on a regular basis. Only 15-30 mins of walking will do. Physical exercise has a cleansing effect on the body because dirty, used up energies are expelled during the exercise.  

5) Maintain a positive, calm, optimistic state of mind and try not to get stuck on negative emotions and thought patterns. People who practice compassion, forgiveness, and reconcile relationship problems can catalyze healing in the emotional energy body which then enables healing to manifest more quickly in the physical body.  This is one of the reasons we encourage patients to do the forgiveness technique given in "Various Techniques" section.  If necessary, avoid putting yourself in stressful situations or getting entangled in events that will create stress.

Eat a healthy diet:

1) Try to eat a primarily vegetarian diet. Fruits and vegetables should be fresh and preferably organic

2) Please minimize meat consumption if it is difficult to entirely cut meat out of your diet, but do select organic meats. We recommend to completely avoid pork because the energy pork contains is not compatible with the energies that promote healing. Eating pork can negate the effects of Healing.

3) Minimize processed foods.  Whole grain, unrefined versions of sugar, grains, etc are healthier.

4) Avoid  frozen foods, and microwave TV dinners

5) Avoid junk foods and anything deep fried (these contain very unhealthy energies that can weaken the body).

Practice Tithing:

Click here to read more about Tithing and Law of Karma adapted from Maha ATMA Choa Kok Sui.

Forgiving Prayer: Click here:

Also, do yogic breathing four times a day.(